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For years, I've wanted to get involved in motorsports, Growing up, I never had anyone to help me learn how to get started. As a teenager, I thought you needed to have piles of money to even get started in racing. Now I'm all grown up, and over the years, I've found many ways to get my fix at the track, even when I had no money at all. The Rags to Races Podcast is here to show you how anyone can get involved in motorsports, no matter what the budget you're working with is. So, if you're the kind of person that lives for auto racing in any and all forms this podcast is for you. From SCCA to Drifting and Autocross to Rally, Jake is going to cover it all!
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The Rags to Races Podcast: Motorsports and Racing for Everyone


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Sep 23, 2016

In this episode, we come back to autocrossing as a way to get your start in motorsports.

Jake had Michael Beck, Robbie Vierhout and Adam Nielsen from the Ten Tenths Podcast on to talk about their experience "chasing cones" and just how easy it is for someone, even outside of a major area like Chicago to get started.

We break away a little to hear about drifting a vintage Fiat, melted relays and fuel leaks. Jake also gets some insight on podcasting from the guys and future plans for their show.

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