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For years, I've wanted to get involved in motorsports, Growing up, I never had anyone to help me learn how to get started. As a teenager, I thought you needed to have piles of money to even get started in racing. Now I'm all grown up, and over the years, I've found many ways to get my fix at the track, even when I had no money at all. The Rags to Races Podcast is here to show you how anyone can get involved in motorsports, no matter what the budget you're working with is. So, if you're the kind of person that lives for auto racing in any and all forms this podcast is for you. From SCCA to Drifting and Autocross to Rally, Jake is going to cover it all!
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The Rags to Races Podcast: Motorsports and Racing for Everyone


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Jun 30, 2017

In this episode, Jake talks to Tim and Molly, owners and founders of a top of the line auto repair shop. The best part? It's a DIY auto repair shop!

Living in a city like Chicago and being an automotive enthusiast, it's hard to find the space needed to make even the simplest of repairs. Gearhead Workspace is there to help you out. They've got everything from lifts and tools on hand to a mechanic on site to help you through the more difficult procedures.

Tim and Molly tell us about the business, their love of cars and performance driving and give some insight to you on how to get started wrenching on your project.

You can find them at They are located at 305 W. 31st Street in Chicago. If you'd like to make a reservation, you can email them at You can also call (312)489-8818 with any questions. They can also be found on Facebook at

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Jun 23, 2017

In this episode, Jake talks to some new friends he met at #Gridlife; Austin, Nick and Jenna who have all participated in the Detroit Gambler 500.

The Gambler 500 is a low-budget, open-road rally that also encompasses off-road and land navigation skills. This trio participated in the Detroit Gambler, using their $500.00 Crown Victoria.

Austin, Nick and Jenna share their stories from the rally, along with some highlights from their weekend at this year's #Gridlife event.

If you want to find out more about the Gambler 500, check out their Facebook page, You can also check out the website at

Here's a link to Austin's #Gridlife video:

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Jun 16, 2017

In this episode, Jake gives a recap of his time at #GRIDLIFE as it happens. There's also been a big change to the Rags to Races garage. Jake talks about the change made and why it was made.

Jake also talks to his friend, Torry Skurski about HPDE and why he chose to track a Nissan Juke!

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Jun 2, 2017

In this episode, Jake talks to long time gearhead, Adam Jabaay. Adam has been messing with cars as long as he can remember and is now one of the organizers for one of the largest racing and automotive festivals in the country, #Gridlife.

When it comes to racing and cars, especially Hondas, Adam's done it all. From car meets, to track days, to building cars using everything he could find including the kitchen sink (Seriously!), and now he's even organizing events to help others get behind the wheel and on track.

Make sure to check out to keep up with the festival and all of their events.

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